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Ashes of Honor

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ashes of Honor (2012) Seanan McGuire

Toby has, in theory, been putting her life back in order. But mostly she is still grieving the loss of her lover and her daughter.

When she is asked to find a lost Changeling child–a child who has powers that may well turn out to be a threat to Faerie, she doesn’t even hesitate before taking on the case.

I really like Toby, and I’ve enjoyed watching her changes throughout this series. To be honest, I could be perfectly happy if the series ended here, but I don’t believe it is ending here.

I was delighted with events with Tybalt–I’ve adored Tybalt from the start, so I was very happy to see his feelings for Toby out in the open.

I think about the only thing I took issue with was Bess. I had a very hard time believing her actions at the end of the book. It didn’t feel true to the way she’d acted throughout the story. But, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a huge deal, as she wasn’t a major player. Just a sense of, “Really? After all that, you go along like a lamb?” It seemed a bit rushed–like the resolution was needed, and we know this is how things would eventually happen, so we’ll just skip the working things out bit.

But really, it wasn’t that big a deal, and I really really enjoyed the story.

If you haven’t been reading along, don’t even think about starting here. If you have been reading along, you want this book.
Rating: 8/10

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