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Glamour in Glass

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Glamour in Glass (2012) Mary Robinette Kowal

glamour-in-glassSet in alternate Regency England in 1815.

Following their marriage, Jane and Vincent have come to the attention of the Prince Regent, and commissioned to create a Glamour for his ballroom, which makes them even more popular, so it is a surprise when they leave for the Continent (finally open again to the English, following the defeat of Napoleon).

But Vincent has a good friend who has created a new technique that he wants to learn, and so travel they do.

They are also interested in trying to create new techniques, such as capturing Glamour in an object–the Glamour in Glass of the title.

Vincent is far more likable in this book, which is good since he and Jane are married, but he is still contrary and can be frustrating. But they are well on their way to creating a strong marriage.

Vincent helped her to her feet with gentle solicitude. “Let me tend you as you tended me.”

Jane laughed, but willingly leaned on him as he helped her back to bed. “If by that you mean that you will visit me but once and insult me while you are here, I think I might suggest a better course.”

Now that Jane is married, she is expected–despite her partnership with Vincent–expected to become a mother, an idea of which she is unsure.

Her bond with her mother had been strained by the fact that Jane could not trust her as a source of comfort. She loved her mother, yes, but she had little respect for her beyond what was due by filial duty.

Although I have spent an obscene amount of time creating a spreadsheet that charts the various monarchies of Europe (and Russia, and the Papacy), I now decided I need to add in Northern Europe.

William of Orange’s coronation as the monarch of the newly formed United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Luckily, I have managed to hold off so far, but there is grave danger.

What I particularly liked about this story was how Vincent and Jane came to terms with their marriage and relationship, and Jane’s fear of motherhood.

I also like seeing the twists on history and how glamour influenced things.
Rating: 8/10

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