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Mission for a Queen

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mission for a Queen (2016) Tracy Grant

Set in London and the Alps in 1818.

This is book 12, and reading order has become important. Malcolm and Melanie have fled England after Lord Carfax used Melanie’s history against David–Carfax’s heir–in an attempt to break David’s relationship with playwright Simon Tanner.

While family and friends in London try to deal with their leaving and what it means for them, Malcolm, Melanie, Raoul, Laura, and their children are visiting Hortense Bonaparte, and help her with a problem.

One of the things I especially like about this series is how the children become integral parts of the story, even if they are not characters in and of their own right.

“Because I thought you’d find it useful in life. Which it appears you have.” “You have a damnable way of being right, sir.” Harry clapped as Drusilla caught the ball with a crow of triumph. “I wanted to see David. Brooks’s seemed the best place to find him.”

These background pieces make it clear how important the children are to their families, and so when the parents talk about how the safety of their children is paramount, it’s clear they mean it, because you’ve seen throughout the series how integral these children are to their families.

There’s also a crazy amount of history between the various character that if you’re coming on it all at once makes it seem ridiculous. So you’ll just have to accept that it does make sense if you’re coming to this story from the history of the other stories.

Publisher: NYLA
Rating: 7.5/10

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