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Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Books of January (2024?! How?)

Ridiculous. How is Jan 2024 OVER already?

The weather has been frequently crappy, and I’ve been unmotivated, so a fair amount of reading was done in January.

The Mistletoe Motive

Just over 50% rereads, which, not really a surprise. And only three and a half books had new-to-me authors, so in that sense I had an idea of what I was getting.

There were two books I actively disliked. Once because it focused on characters I disliked the other because it was all about the boinking and didn’t have enough story to keep my interest.

But I did discover a couple new series, by authors I already liked!

I’d only read Lish McBride’s YA fantasies. Uncanny Romance is a boinking series, but I was easily able to skim those bits and enjoy the story.

I discovered Katharine Schellman’s Lily Adler series last fall and very much enjoyed it, so I decided to try this series, even though it was set in the US–historicals set in the US tend to make me skittish. I don’t like historicals that pretend slavery and segregation didn’t exist, but I have a hard time with stories that go into too much detail about sexism and racism. (I know. It’s ridiculous.)

A Little Too Familiar

Last Call at the Nightingale didn’t gloss over the racism and sexism and poverty of the Roaring 20s, but it didn’t dwell on it, hitting a good balance for me. (I know the world has been and continues to be awful for many people. Reading about it in detail puts me into a tailspin I have trouble escaping.) So I’ve got the next book lined up.

I ended up reading three ace romances, two of which had characters with ASD. And I ended up reading them one after another. My favorite of the lot was The Mistletoe Motive, despite the fact I generally dislike “enemies to lovers” as a trope.


Last Call at the Nightingale



Bingo Love

Graphic Novels

Audio Books


Apropos only of books, I’ve been putting together two spreadsheets: one for books with queer rep, and the other for those with mental and physical health rep. I’ve moved the to google docs, so I may make them publicly available to view.

We’ll see.

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