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Alpha and Omega

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Alpha and Omega (2008) Patricia Briggs

Reading slump. Went through a lot of books before I decided this was what I would be good reading.

This novella is the start of the Alpha & Omega series, with Charles (the Marrock’s younger son) and Anna, an Omega werewolf who was changed against her will.

There is a LOT of darkness in this story. Anna has been repeatedly sexually assaulted by the members of her pack, and also physically abused. All the sexual assault and most of the abuse are off the page, but her past comes up repeatedly.

One thing that makes me sad is that we never get more of Kara after Anna leaves Chicago.

“My father sent me out here because he’d heard there was a man giving Anna a bad time.” And with that one statement, Anna knew, he won Kara over completely.

I also feel terrible for Boyd, who was put in an untenable position from which he did the only thing he could, and then just had to wait and hope for the best.
Publisher: Berkley

Rating: 8/10


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