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The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis (2021) Ali Hazelwood There are things I quite like about The Love Hypothesis–first and foremost all the science and academia bits. I’m a grad student living in Stanford, California. I make less than thirty thousand dollars a year. My rent takes up two-thirds of my salary. I’ve been wearing the same pair […]

Lessons in Power

Lessons in Power (2009) Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows) Set in England in 1907 Orlando is not best pleased when Matthew Ainslie visits–he and Jonty are settling into their new home–but is willing to listen to what the man wants. What he wants is for Orlando and Jonty to look into the murder of which his […]

Lore Olympus: Volume One

Lore Olympus: Volume One (2021) Rachel Smythe Hades & Persephone, but today. Hades is lonely. But he does have some awesome dogs. Well, mostly awesome. I am very glad this is a web comic, but I need to know what happens and can’t wait until July to find out. Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault Publisher: Del […]

The Last Sun

The Last Sun (2018) K.D. Edwards (The Tarot Sequence) My name is Rune Saint John. I am, before anything else, a survivor: of a fallen House, of a brutal assault, of violent allies and complacent enemies, of life among a people who turned their back on me decades ago. KD Edwards recently published several short […]

Getting It Right

Getting It Right (2015) A.M. Arthur (Restoration) Nathan Wolf and James Taggart have been best friends for half their lives. “Thank God for Gina, or you’d never eat.” “Fuck you, Wolf. I can cook just fine.” “Only you don’t, because you’re lazy.” “True.” And James has been in love with Nate for most of that. […]

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega (2008) Patricia Briggs Reading slump. Went through a lot of books before I decided this was what I would be good reading. This novella is the start of the Alpha & Omega series, with Charles (the Marrock’s younger son) and Anna, an Omega werewolf who was changed against her will. There is […]

Iron Kissed, Audio Version

Iron Kissed, Audio Version (2008) Patricia Briggs I almost skipped listening to this book, but instead I just skipped through the very distressing parts. This is a very good story, but a very difficult one. Publisher: Penguin Audio

Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed (2008) Patricia Briggs I still have great difficulty reading this book, and flat-out skip most of a chapter because it is so hard for me to read. Just so you know. Mercy is called by Zee to look into a death at the Fae Reservation; this will allow her to repay her debt […]

Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed (2008) Patricia Briggs This is probably the hardest Mercy story to read, but I read it, and cried like I always do. Samuel had learned to write before typewriters and computers rendered penmanship an art practiced by elementary school children. His notes always looked like formal wedding invitations. “Shoot,” he said, the word […]

Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed (2008) Patricia Briggs I had forgotten just how dark this story was. Bad things happen to Mercy. Very bad things. And Mercy just doesn’t brush these things off, which means seeing Mercy suffer as she tries to recover. It’s very hard to read. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very well done, and it’s […]

Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed (2008) Patricia Briggs I really like Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series, so I’ve had Iron Kissed on pre-order since I found out it was available. I had to finish the book I was currently reading before I started this, but yesterday afternoon I picked it up and didn’t want to put it back […]