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Evil Dark

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Evil Dark (2012) Justin Gustainis

Evil Dark

I am enjoying my re-read of this series.

Pretend that there’s a file folder somewhere, a big, thick one, labeled Real Bad Ideas. There’s at least three things I can think of that belong in there – inviting a werewolf for a moonlight stroll, telling a witch she’s got a fat ass, and pissing off an ogre.

Someone is burning witches alive–and killing vampires and weres, which is making things extra busy for the officers in the Supernatural Crime Unit.

“That doesn’t apply to supernaturals, of course.”

“How come?” Karl asked.

“Because the distinctions aren’t as clear. For instance, do you consider a vampire who kills people a serial killer, or just hungry?”

These stories read like noir, but they’re also smart and amusing.

“It’s like invading Russia,” Castle said, “which military experts have said for centuries is a truly bad idea. The country is simply too vast for an invading army to subdue quickly, and the Russian winter makes an extended campaign impossible.” ”

Makes sense to me,” Karl said with a shrug, and I just nodded.

“And yet that obvious fact didn’t stop Napoleon from trying it in 1812, or Hitler in 1940.

I do recommend these books, and although I kinda though the epilogue to this one was silly, I do with he was writing this series. (One more book and I’m done with the re-read.)

Publisher: Angry Robot
Rating: 8/10


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