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To Reign in Hell

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To Reign in Hell (1984) Steven Brust

I have a lot of books. Having a lot of books means that I feel guilty about unread books, when I go back and re-read an old favorite. But sometimes, you just need the comfort of reaching for a loved author or book.

As far as the book, you can go read my earlier review (Much earlier. 2005. Jeesh.)

Or I can tell you that Roger Zelazny wrote the forward to this book, when Steven Brust was still an unknown writer who had only two other books published.

My immediate reaction was to provide one of those brief dust jacket comments containing a few loaded adjectives and to hope that this would help call some attention to the book and sell a few extra copies. “A hell of a good book” or “A damned fine story” sprang to mind, because I am what I am and because they are both true, despite the flippancy. But on reflection I knew that would not be enough…

Because really, what can I say better than that?
Rating: 8/10

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