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Making Love

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Making Love (2017) Aidan Wayne

Making LoveCarla is a cupid, and she wants nothing more than to go out into the world and find True Love matches for humans.

But as good as her aim is, Carla is terrible at seeing possible chemistry between people.

A cupid’s arrow only held the Spark of Interest. It got two (or more, depending on the situation) targets thinking about love and started them on the path toward True Love.

After being told she has to retake (again) the course on chemistry, she ends up taking a side project–a succubus who was turned away when she came in looking for a love match.

“Theoretically. If the succubus or incubus returns the love, something about the magical chemical properties stops the more damaging part of the drain. Supposedly it even creates a truer bond.”

What is so sweet about the story is that it is obvious to the reader that Carla is falling in love with Leeta, even if Carla is utterly oblivious.

The word is not used, but Carla is pretty clearly on the ace spectrum.

She wondered for a brief moment how it might feel to be kissed by someone who wasn’t Leeta and immediately discarded that thought.

It’s a sweet story, and a good escape for when you want zero angst and turmoil

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Rating: 8/10

Categories: 8/10, Ace, eBook, Fantasy, Female, LGBT, Novella, Reread, Romance

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