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Old Sins

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Old Sins (2019) Charlie Cochrane (The Lindenshaw Mysteries)

Old SinsI am thoroughly enjoying this cozy series.

After a vacation, Robin and Adam are (mostly) ready to jump back into their jobs for the fall. Even if they keep putting off making definite plans for getting hitched.

The real reason they were making no progress was the simple, prosaic one that they were struggling to sort out what type of do they wanted and who they’d invite.

But their last days of relaxation are shattered when a shooting on the common leads to a dead dog.

Adam’s school year starts smoothly, but things for Robin are less calm as his first day back has them called out to a murder–at the house of the owner of the dog that was killed.

One of the things I am enjoying about this is that although much of the focus is on Robin (as the police officer) Adam does keep getting pulled into the periphery–but not in stupid dangerous ways.

In this story, one of the suspects had been a teacher at Adam’s old school, so it wasn’t unreasonable for Adam to listen for gossip.

I also think it’s interesting how cases get moved from one jurisdiction to another. That’s something I’ve read about frequently in Italian police mysteries, but not so much in American ones (except when perhaps the FBI comes in to take over a case, which is not the same thing here at all).

There were some weak spots to the story, but I’m finding the books and characters so enjoyable, it’s pretty easy to overlook the weaknesses.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Rating: 7.5/10

Categories: 7.5/10, British, Cozy, eBook, LGBT, Mystery

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