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Broken Soul, Audio Edition

Monday, January 17, 2022

Broken Soul (2014) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock)

Broken SoulHere is where the story starts to steamroll, with major arcs remaining open at the end of each book. Not cliffhangers, mind you, but major story arcs, like the plotting and machinations of the European Vamps, and why they’re coming to the US.

The parts that I love are that the relationship that has developed between Jane, Eli, and Alex.

The Kid had called me several times, explaining that the pizza delivery had been rerouted and was delicious, and updating me on law enforcement’s progress.

I love their interactions.

I accepted my blunted practice weapons from Titan Two, who had followed me out onto the fighting floor. Maybe she was acting as my second now. Made sense. Eli usually had that job, but he was flat on his back on the mat beside me, put there by Wrassler. Wrassler was wearing practice blacks, with a sword at my partner’s throat. I wished I had a camera.

I mean, just fun.

“Speak to me, oh genius, geek, and computer prodigy.”

“Those are pretty much all the same thing, you know. Ummm. Are you okay?” the Kid asked. “You sound kinda . . . I don’t know. Happy.”

“I’m always happy. Tell me something I don’t know. And say hi to your brother.”

I held the phone out so Eli, who was easing into the SUV, could hear.

“Yeah. Sure. Hey, Eli. Whatever. Is she okay?”

Eli closed the door on the traffic, looked me over, and shook his head, bemused. “She looks like a homeless person who spent the night in the back of an unsecured SUV, wearing a bacon shirt.”

“Yeah? Get a pic.”

Which is good, because things start to get really dark from here on out.

Publisher: Audible Studios
Rating: 8/10


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