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Lessons in Desire

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Lessons in Desire (2009) Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows)

Lessons in DesireSet in England in 1906

Jonty and Orlando take a vacation! Murder ensues!

That’s the summation, but it isn’t at all the feel of the story, just so you know.

Unsurprisingly, Orlando has never taken a vacation.

“It sounds delightful, Jonty,” Orlando said, with liar written plain on his face.

He’s possibly not doing it correctly.

Orlando reclined on his front, elbows on the bed, chin in hands, reading a book on calculus which Jonty had hidden fifteen times but which had still mysteriously made its way into their luggage.

But it’s ok, because they’re spending time together, even if Orlando still constantly worries.

As to be expected with a cozy mystery, a murder happens.

“Not that I want to speak ill of the dead,” he averred, which indicated that was exactly what he intended to do.

And I appreciate that they weren’t killing off any more students, staff, or faculty at Cambridge.

I spent the story very much feeling Orlando’s point of view.

“I am a very accomplished swimmer, actually, although I’m not keen on the idea of exposing my body to either the elements or public view.”


“(I)t’s hard for me to adjust to the world at large. Please be patient with me.”

I need that on a t-shirt right now. Or at least a pin.

I am really liking this series.

Publisher: Lume Books
Rating: 8/10


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