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The Secret Adversary

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Secret Adversary (1922) Agatha Christie (Tommy & Tuppence)

The Secret AdversaryThe Great War is over, but things aren’t easy for those who served.

I went out to France again, as you know. Then they sent me to Mesopotamia, and I got wounded for the second time, and went into hospital out there. Then I got stuck in Egypt till the Armistice happened, kicked my heels there some time longer, and, as I told you, finally got demobbed. And, for ten long, weary months I’ve been job hunting! There aren’t any jobs! And, if there were, they wouldn’t give ’em to me.

Tuppence’s hostel was situated in what was charitably called Southern Belgravia. For reasons of economy she did not take a bus.

Searching for something to do–and some way to make money, Tommy and Tuppence decide to form The Young Adventurers, Ltd.! and immediately stumble upon a case.

It isn’t what they expect, but they do get adventure.

I probably read this, but don’t remember much of it.

I especially noted things relating to the Great War I’d recently read.

I had been studying French, and my teacher said they were wanting help in a hospital in Paris.

I suggest that you should represent yourself to be what you are, a former V.A.D., who has chosen domestic service as a profession.

This was her second book and I think she was still working out the kinks in her story telling, but it was an adventure.

Rating: 5.5/10

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