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Dead in the Pond

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Dead in the Pond (2018) Dahlia Donovan (Grasmere Cottage Mystery)

Dead in the Pond

Bishan found it very difficult to force himself to do anything without understanding the reason.

“Would you rather stay?”


“Yes, but if I do it’ll make leaving harder the next time.”

They hadn’t restocked his cereal yet. Bishan didn’t feel up to making something or going out. He stood in the kitchen, staring at the refrigerator in the hopes a meal might spontaneously appear.

It didn’t.


It took a frustratingly significant amount of effort to force himself into action.

His entire life revolved around following routines created to reduce his stress levels. While Reva and Sunesh handled random visits with their parents, Bishan preferred set times to meet up with them. Even with family, he usually needed a day to prepare and time after to recover.

Thoughts flew through his mind uncontrolled and far too fast for him to register.

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Rating: 8/10


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