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Jury of One

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Jury of One (2015) Charlie Cochrane (Lindenshaw Mysteries)

Jury of OneAdam and Robin are now an item, living together although Robin still hasn’t sold his flat. Then Robin is called to a secondment to investigate a murder in a nearby town, where the locals are tied up in a serial slasher case.

Robin said having to explain the case to somebody not involved helped him to get things clear in his mind.

When another murder happens, Robin is called out and Adam hopes he isn’t drawn into this investigation.

I really like the policing bits.

“I called in to Hatton’s block of flats on my way here and helped his next-door neighbour put out her recycling. Little old lady. Great source of information.”

Also, I love that this is completely British, and hasn’t been Americanized.

The nark was happy to dob in the lad because the bookie’s shop was the one he used, and he wanted whoever had robbed it found.

“Have you tried the 1471 service? Could be he got a call from somebody who had the sense not to block their number.”

“I haven’t. Good thinking.” Robin didn’t feel as bullish as his words implied. What if he found that the number had been deliberately withheld? That wasn’t going to make him any less panicky. Grow a pair, because you’re acting like a great wet lettuce.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Rating: 7.5/10


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