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The Best Corpse for the Job

Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Best Corpse for the Job (2014) Charlie Cochrane (Lindenshaw Mysteries)

The Best Corpse for the JobQueer cozy mystery: a comforting reread.

Note to self, three: Don’t even think about falling for him. Too complicated. (p. 46)

Note to self, four: do not ignore note three. (p. 46)

Note to self, five: Do not ignore note three. Remember? (p. 47)

Note to self, four: do not ignore note three. (p. 52)

Still trying to remember note to self, three. (p. 119)

“This house is really nice. I thought teachers were poorly paid.”

“We are.” Adam poured the drinks. “This was my grandparents’ cottage. As their only grandchild, they left it to me. I’d rather still have them here and be a lodger or something.”

“Want us to hold the door?” Why the hell couldn’t Robin come up with some brilliant case-related question that would keep Adam here for just a few minutes more and get those eyes to look up from the floor?

“No, that’ll be okay. Thanks. You soon learn how to manoeuvre through with just your backside.” Adam exchanged a brief glance with Robin, clearly horrified at his choice of words, then was off.

The perfect amount of cozy to get my out of my own head.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Cover Art by L.C. Chase,

Rating: 7.5/10


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