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Magic Strikes

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magic Strikes (2009) Ilona Andrews

This is the third book in the Kate Daniels series, and we learn more of Kate’s secrets.

This book also has a scene that stuck with me, and sort of bothered me, but that’s something else entirely.

Kate is continuing to work for the Order, but spending more and more time with the Pack, partialy because her Friend of the Pack status means Order cases to do with the Pack come to her, and partially because of her friendships with Pack members.

A whole bunch of Significant Things happen in this book.

First, Derek goes through a major event that changes him for the rest of the series (and changes how he works outside the Pack). Second, we learn precisely what Saiman is. Third, we learn precisely what Kate is and why she’s been hiding. And there’s the change in the relationship between Kate and Curran from adversarial to… something else.

But of course the center of the book is Kate, and her snark.

Truly, your egotism is like the Universe— ever expanding.”

I also loved this peek into Jim’s psyche:

THE KITCHEN CABINETS CONTAINED WOODEN jars identified by handwritten adhesive labels. The jar labeled SUGAR had flour in it. The jar labeled FLOUR held an enormous amount of chili powder, which made me sneeze. The jar labeled CHILI PEPPER contained a Smith & Wesson M& P 45.

I opened the first jar and looked inside. Coffee. The label said BORAX. “What’s up with the labels?”
(Female shapeshifter) shrugged. “You’re in the house of a cat whose job is to spy. He thinks he’s clever.

Now, here’s the thing that bothers me. Kate always cleans up and burns her blood. Always. But towards the end of her book, we’re explicitly told she’s lying in a puddle of her own blood.

back to his place. I lay still, inhaling the vapors rising from my blood. My vision blurred, clearing for a few moments, then dissolved back into a foggy mess. The only reality that remained was the steady pain in my stomach, the blood spread out before me, and my silent chants.

So, giant puddle of blood. When they leave, it doesn’t seem like Kate’s blood has been cleaned up/destroyed, and as they leave, the one man who should very well know what Kate’s blood is, entering the room.

I’ve read the passage several times, and it reads to me as if Kate left her blood there. It’s been five years since I first read the book, and that scene has gnawed at me since.

However, that’s not something that ruined the book for me–not even close. So many other important things happened, this is just a small thing. This is a very good book, and where the story starts to take off.

I believe you could start here without having read the previous two books, but this book is a turning point, and so many events in later books hinge upon things that happen here.

So, don’t skip this book.

And this is another cover that I really REALLY don’t like. I believe what bothers me is that the cover looks cheap and cheesy, but the contents are anything but.
Rating: 8.5/10

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