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What Remains of Heaven

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Remains of Heaven (2009) C.S. Harris

I’d forgotten this book ends on a cliff-hanger of sorts. Not the mystery, but the situation of Hero Jarvis.

Sebastian is pulled into yet another mystery when he formidable aunt asks him to look into the death of the Bishop of London and the presumed successor to the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a favor for her friend, the current Archbishop of Canterbury.

It feels like this book took forever to read–the hardback sitting there, taunting me with its contents and unreadability.

Sadly, I desperately want to get caught up on this series–or at least the situation between Hero and Sebastian–before I read the new book, which is waiting impatiently for me on my kindle (as well as the new Mercy Thompson and some other books I really want to read).

Perhaps I’ll just give up on the re-reading and read the new book.
Rating: 8/10


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