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Friday, December 1, 2023

Remember, Remember the Books of November (2023)

A Power UnboundNovember was a mix of reading new releases (FIVE! FIVE new releases!) and rereads (relistens, mostly) with almost no backlist first reads.

I (like everyone else) was impatiently awaiting the new Murderbot story by Martha Wells and it did not disappoint. It’s set immediately after Network Effect so lots of Murderbot and ART.

I was also very excited about the conclusion to Freya Marske‘s conclusion to the Last Binding trilogy. I knew it was going to be about Lord Hawthorn, and we knew Alston had tragedy in his history, with the death of his twin and the loss of his magic, but he was such an arrogant ass in previous books, I was worried about him being sympathetic. I needn’t have worried–it was marvelous.

I’m all caught up on the Lily Adler series, so sadly I must wait for a new entry, but I do have another entry in Morgan Stang’s Lamplight Murder Mystery, which is a silly gaslamp/steampunk series.

Murder at MidnightI was disappointed by the two new mysteries. I have been tepid about the  Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mysteries, and was glad I borrowed it from the library.

I had high hopes for the latest Caribbean Kitchen Mystery, but either I utterly failed to focus or the story needed tightened–particularly the ending, which felt as if part of the resolution was left hanging. I’ll read the next one (if there is one) but I probably won’t pre-order and might wait for a price drop.

After finishing my listen of Patricia Briggs’ Alpha & Omega series (I didn’t like Wild Sign any better the second time around) I started a relisten of Robert B. Parker‘s Spenser series, which is fun, especially since I’m skipping the books I don’t care much about. I love the look back at the 70s and 80s I’ve been getting, especially as Spenser pays attention to details. (Acid washed jeans!)

I can’t believe it’s December and the year is almost over. It’s been a long, rough several months, but I’m pushing through, and remain glad I have the escape of lovely stories.

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