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Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Books of 2023: Yearly Reading Roundup

Once a RogueIt’s time for the yearly reading roundup, and a hell of a year it’s been.

Just as I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of my mental health struggles, it all blew up again.

The good news is I wasn’t starting from the sub-basement and my absolute worst, where I was at a couple years ago.

The Thursday Murder Club

So my reading has once again been erratic. Which is totally fine, because we do what we need to get through rough times.

And it’s not like a reread of the Murderbot series isn’t enjoyable, after all.

And I’ve still managed to read about 30 books published this year, almost as many published in 2022, and only a handful of those I’d read before. So it wasn’t all rereads! (Just 60% rereads.)

I want to note there are books that I was not in the right frame of mind for, and might love on a second, later, read. Essentially, remember the ratings are how I felt about a book when I finished it; I’ve written reviews that were essentially, “I can see why this is a classic, but the whole thing made me feel sad and icky.) It’s one of the reasons I rate a book every time I read it; my rating often changes (sometimes dramatically) on a later reading.

The round-up will start (of course) with book covers, and end with my love of statistics.

The Deadliest Fall

Science Fiction Covers
Romance Covers
Mystery Covers
Fantasy Covers

Science Fiction
Final Roundup

The links on this post will be updated as the posts are published.

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