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Murder at Spindle Manor

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Murder at Spindle Manor (2022) Morgan Stang (Lamplight Murder Mysteries)

Murder at Spindle ManorIsabeau Agarwal is a huntress, and her latest hunt has led her to Spindle Manor, to search out a monster that takes the memory and skins of it victims, replicating them until it finds a new victim.

“Is there any way I may be of any help to your Hunt?”

“No, my Lady,” said Isabeau.

“Then you may leave. And may death follow where you go. Rip and rend, Huntress. Leave nothing of the enemies from the darkness.”

She brings with herself her training, he guns, her gaslamp, and an overeager coachman.

“You must notice what’s not present in addition to what is, Evie. What have we not found in this bedroom so far?”

Evie looked about and shrugged. “Happiness of any kind?”

She meets a group of guests most who are returning to Lamplight from the travels together.

“What is it I do? Why, I do anything and everything. Or dabble in it, at least. But what I’m most proud of, my greatest accomplishment, is that I’ve provided a goal for the grasping elite in Lamplight. A target to aim for. You see, when I attend a party, that party is a success. When I see a show, that show is a success. When I pay for a séance, that séance is a success. The spirits of generations centuries past push and shove for a chance to rub their ghostly shoulders with my own, only so they can brag to their ghostly peers back home they met Ms Angelica Keystone. I make friends, Ms Agarwal. I collect them, and I play with them, and I pet and feed and categorize them. And I watch them beam with happiness or pout with despair at my affections or disapproval. Who am I, you ask, Ms Agarwal? I am Lamplight’s greatest socialite.”

Like the The Bookshop and the Barbarian there were Easter eggs–random mention of authors and characters from other books.

The mystery had its week parts (Isabeau leaving the manor was one of them) but it was a fun romp.

Rating: 8/10


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