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Lessons in Discovery

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Lessons in Discovery (2009) Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows)

Lessons in DiscoverySet in England in 1906

Amnesia! An historical murder! Letters hidden for centuries!

It’s been a year since Jonty and Orlando met, but they didn’t expect to spend their first anniversary in the infirmary, with Orlando suffering from a concussion and a complete loss of memory of the past year.

There are two story arcs here–one is Orlando losing his memory and how Jonty deals with it. Everyone knows they are best friends and boon companions, but they are more than that, and considering how long Orlando took to come to terms with their relationships, Jonty now has to start over from scratch.

I actually thought this was well done. Jonty is honest with Orlando, trying not to tell him more than he can handle at any one time, while Orlando trusts his past self to have know what he was doing.

The second arc was the mystery of the missing Woodville Ward, that Orlando and Jonty are given, in part because of their helping to solve two murders previously, but also to give Orlando something to do while he is not allowed to work.

I adore Jonty and Orlando’s relationship, and the patience they have with each other. I was particularly struck by one passage.

En route from his pigeonhole to his rooms, he stopped in at the chapel, found it mercifully empty and said a silent prayer. I know I don’t believe so I guess this doesn’t count, but he believes. Wanted to say I’m grateful.

And I really liked this mystery–both how it was unraveled as well as hit the whole thing unraveled in ways I wasn’t expecting.

Publisher: Lume Books
Rating: 8/10


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