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A Dangerous Collaboration, Audio Book

Monday, August 21, 2023

A Dangerous Collaboration, Audio Book (2019) Deanna Raybourn narrated by Angèle Masters (Veronica Speedwell)

A Dangerous CollaborationSet in England in 1888.

Lord Rosemorran had behaved with his characteristic good-natured vagueness, offering money to fund the venture and raising objections only when he realized his sister’s absence would mean taking care of his own children.

“In my well-being. As it stands, Uncle Malcolm is a traditionalist, just like my grandfather. Mertensia may be his sister, but I believe he will leave St. Maddern’s and all its encumbrances to me as the only male in the direct line.”

I blinked at the breathtaking arrogance of demanding money from a man he hardly knew simply because he existed.

There were few things in life more tiresome than a man who would not shoulder his responsibilities, and whilst I appreciated an optimistic spirit more than most, a man who played at crocodiles and tree houses instead of securing steady employment would have met with a sturdy kicking were I his wife.

Publisher: Recorded Books

Rating: 8/10 | Michael: 7/10


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