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Where Serpents Sleep, Audiobook

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Where Serpents Sleep, Audiobook (2008/2015) C.S. Harris narrated by Davina Porter (Sebastian St. Cyr)

Where Serpents SleepSet in England in 1812.

Oddly, on the same day, the book I was listening to and the book I read both had passages about the murder of Prime Minister Spenser Percival.

I prefer the “solution” presented in the other book over this one, mostly because the other book delves into the many inconsistencies of Bellingham’s story as well as the rush to trial and hanging.

Characters: Sebastian St. Cyr (Devlin), Sir Henry Lovejoy, Kat Boleyn, Tom, Paul Gibson, Charles Lord Jarvis, Hero Jarvis, Colonel Bryce Epson-Smith, Spencer Perceval, Sir William Hadley, Jules Calhoun, Ian Kane, Tasmin Poole, Luke O’Brian, Lord Fairchild, Cedric Fairchild, Tristan Ramsey, Patrick Somerville, Hannah Green

Publisher: Recorded Books

Rating: 8/10


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