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What Remains of Heaven, Audiobook

Monday, June 3, 2024

What Remains of Heaven, Audio Book (2009/2016) C.S. Harris narrated by Davina Porter (Sebastian St. Cyr)

What Remains of HeavenSet in England in 1812.

When the controversial, reform-minded Bishop of London is found bludgeoned to death in an ancient crypt beside the corpse of an unidentified man murdered decades before, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury to help with the investigation. To Sebastian’s consternation, the last person to see the Bishop alive was Miss Hero Jarvis, a woman whose already strained relationship with St. Cyr has been complicated by a brief, unexpectedly passionate encounter. As his search for the killer leads him from the back allies of Smithfield to the power corridors of Whitehall, Sebastian amasses a list of suspects that range from some of the Prince Regent’s closest cronies to William Franklin, embittered son of famous American patriot Ben Franklin. Sebastian must also confront the well-guarded secrets of his own family’s past—and a devastating truth that could ultimately force him to question who—and what—he really is.

Characters: Sebastian St. Cyr (Devlin), Alistair St. Cyr (Hendon), Sir Henry Lovejoy, Kat Boleyn, Tom, Paul Gibson, Charles Lord Jarvis, Hero Jarvis, Jules Calhoun , Russell Yates, Henrietta Dowager Duchess of Claiborne, Reverend Malcolm Earnshaw, Dr. Simon Ashley, Lord Quillian, William Franklin, Jack Slade, Obadiah Slade, Sir Peter Prescott, Lady Prescott

Publisher: Recorded Books

Rating: 8.5/10


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