Diane Mott Davidson

Books: Mystery

Goldy the Caterer Mysteries: Catering to Nobody (1990), Dying for Chocolate (1992), The Cereal Murders (1993), The Last Suppers (1994), The Main Corpse (1996), The Grilling Season (1997), Prime Cut (1998), Tough Cookie (2000), Sticks and Scones (2001), Chopping Spree (2002), Double Shot (2004), Dark Tort (2006), Sweet Revenge (2007), Fatally Flaky (2009), Crunch Time (2011)

These mysteries aren't bad. Goldy the caterer's character is sometimes inconsistent, and her son becomes more and more irritating as the series continues. This series suffers from (in my opinion) two flaws: First, how many murdered people can on person know in one small town, and with the rate her friends are accused of murder or ARE murdered, I am surprised she has any friends left; Second, the initial books were relatively short, but each succeeding book becomes longer and longer, I somewhat preferred the shorter books.

I did try the recipe for Monster Sweet Rolls--Yummy!--though I cut the recipe down to a third. Two people can't eat that much.