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Lord and Lady Hetheridge Series: Ice Blue (2011)

Ice Blue (2011)

Ice BlueAnthony Hetheridge, ninth Baron of Wellegrave, Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard is turning sixty. He’s not sure what this means for him, but he’s pretty sure it means he’s in decline.

Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield enjoys working for Scotland Yard, but is somewhat distracted by her home life–a boyfriend who left her, a special needs brother, and a nephew she’s raising are keeping her distracted.


Sorry. I think I am incapable of writing character descriptions for police procedurals anymore.

What I find somewhat confusing about this book is that it is titled as part of the “Lord and Lady Hetheridge Series.”

Except that Lord Hetheridge is single at the start of the book.

And remains single at the end of the book.

This (understandably) gave me some preconceived notions going into the story, and I’m still not sure what it means. Are we to assume the two main characters will eventually end up married? Were these books first published in Great Britain and are only now being translated from English to American?

It just strikes me as odd.

This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the mystery, because I did. I just kept wondering why the prominent series title MEANT in relation to the book I was reading.

Regardless, I did enjoy the mystery and the characters and the story, and have the next book in the series lined up to read.

ADDENDUM the First

How could I have forgotten the egregious, glaring error I found?

“(Father) was (blood) type O, and (mother) was type O, but (child) was AB negative. It’s impossible for two type Os to produce an AB negative child. Therefore, either (child) was adopted–and she wasn’t–or she was fathered by someone other than (father).

The first statement is correct. It’s impossible for two type Os to produce an AB negative child. It’s also impossible if even ONE parent has type O blood. Therefore, this child belongs to NEITHER parent, and there was a mix-up at the hospital.

Someone REALLY should have caught that error, since it’s a major plot point.

Or perhaps, the child in question was SWITCHED AT BIRTH! Or perhaps it’s a CHANGELING child! The real child was STOLEN BY ELVES and this one left instead!

Or perhaps, the author and editor need a refresher high school biology course.

Doesn’t change my rating, but STILL. JEESH.

Published by Lyonnesse Books

Rating: 7/10