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The Oxford Murders (2005), The Book of Murder (2007)

The Oxford Murders (2005) translated by Sonia Soto

The Oxford MurdersAlthough related years after the events–after the death of the mathematician Arthur Seldom–we follow a young Argentinian graduate students during his stay at Oxford, and his discovery of the body of his landlady, an elderly women in failing health who had been involved in the Engima project during WWII.

A note is found claiming this death is to be the first in a series of deaths, and because they found the body together, the student and Arthur Seldom attempt to discover the series to see if they can stop the murderer before he strikes again.

Although I think that mathematicians might get a tad bit more enjoyment of the discussion of mathematical principles and ideas, I did enjoy the book, and thought the mystery was well done. Although I thought I had an idea of where things were going, in the end I was led astray by the clues just like Inspector Peterson.

This is a relatively short book–just under 200 pages–which is one reason I put off getting this book (it was actually a Christmas gift from my wish list) since it’s priced like a trade paperback. But despite the short length, I quite enjoyed the story.

Published by Penguin

Rating: 7/10

The Book of Murder (2007) translated by Sonia Soto

As much as I enjoyed The Oxford Murders, I found The Book of Murder disappointing.

Rating: 5/10