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Fairview Single Dads: Dads with Benefits (2019)

Fairview Single Dads

Dads with Benefits (2019)

Dads with BenefitsEllis is pleased to meet the newest member of the single dad's group. He's hot, he owns his own business, and he's a great guy. What Ellis doesn't expect is that when he needs a fake boyfriend to get his boss off his back, that straight Jason would volunteer for the job.

Jason and his ex-wife may be divorced, but they've kept things on good terms for their son–and the two of them do get along. He's never thought himself interested in guys before, but there's something about Ellis he's not quite sure about.

This wasn't a bad story. It had an interesting premise, and parts of it were very well done. But there were parts of it that bothered me.

First, the single dads group appears in the beginning and then neither attends another meeting or talks with anyone else in the group for the rest of the book. If the group is such a part of Ellis' life then shouldn't it have at least been mentioned?

Second, plot moppets. Both kids were cute, ridiculously well-behaved, and completely unrealistic.

I love kids and have spent a lot of time around them. These were not real kids–they were simply the idea of kids, with all the snot and scraped knees and temper tantrums erased. It's not that I like those things, they're just part of being around kids, and not having any issues makes the kids seem like miniaturized adults with crayons and early bed times.

Third, sexual harassment. The reason Ellis needs a fake boyfriend is because his boss' son won't stop hitting on him. This… is not okay. It doesn't matter that it's a guy hitting on another guy, IT IS NOT OKAY. You shouldn't have to create a fake boyfriend to stop your boss from hitting on you. And if that boss KEEPS hitting on you after you have a boyfriend? THAT IS REALLY NOT OKAY. Yeah, it's a great job. Yeah, the guy is the owner's son. Yeah, it's complicated. But a fake boyfriend is not how to deal with this. It's just NOT.

The more of this review I write, the more upset I get about the way the sexual harassment was dealt with in this story, and I really don't think I can get past it.

Rating: 5/10