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Gifts for the Season: Winter & Christmas MM Charity Anthology (2020)


Gifts for the Season: Winter & Christmas MM Charity Anthology (2020)

Gifts for the SeasonThis is an anthology of short stories, which are always to have some stories that don’t work for me. The issue with this anthology is that there were short stories–most of which were quite good–and there were tales that could not stand alone outside of the stories from which they were obviously pulled. Which for someone who loves short stories was aggravating, and I ended up skimming the worst offenders.

A.E. Via – An Unworthy Gift
Lane Hayes – Out for the Holidays
RJ Scott – Single Dad Christmas
Eli Easton – Twelve Days of UPS
Annabeth Albert – Must Be Santa
Joanna Chambers – The First Snow of Winter
Clare London – Five Gold Blings
Posy Roberts – Sojourn for Christmas
Suki Fleet – Sometimes, Always
Garrett Leigh – No Place Like Home
Felice Stevens – The Gift of Forever
VL Locey – Dressed in Holiday Style
Annabelle Jacobs – Driving Home For Christmas
Amber Kell – A Santa for Trin
Alex Jane – Homestead for the Holidays

Eli Easton’s Twelve Days of UPS may have been my favorite story in the anthology. It’s set in actual 2020 with the pandemic as the backdrop.

In this strange new world, a man who took such care about germs out of concern for others was suddenly… sexy? It showed a maturity and thoughtfulness.

Someone is sending Paul random Christmas presents, and he doesn’t know who or why, but the conversations with the UPS guy are definitely the highlight of his day. It’s a very sweet story, and surprisingly I liked the pandemic insert and how masks and distancing were worked into the story.

This anthology had a couple of good stories, but also had some that actually mad me mad a wasted time even skimming them. But then anthology is for a good cause (The Trevor Project) so get it and just skip the stories that don’t stand on their own.

Publisher : Love Lane Books Ltd
Rating: 6/10