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A Code of Love (2014)

A Code of Love (2014)

Set in 1802 in London.

I only spent 99 cents on this, but I still feel cheated.

I speed read through the final quarter of the book, but I still feel cheated.

This book was ridiculous, not in a fun over the-top-way, but in an holy cats this hero is a giant flaming asshole kind of way.

Lord Cordelier Rathbourne was a rake following the death of his brother. But after four years on the continent spying on France he has returned to England to take over from the retiring spymaster.

Lady Henrietta Harcourt comes from a family of celebrated linguists, most of whom have spent the past several years helping to break France's secret codes. But Hen's uncle–the man who has helped break so many French codes–is lost and wandering in his mind, and Hen is attempting to carry the burden herself, because England needs the skills her family has, because no one trusts Napoleon.

Also, her brother has been sent to France, as a linguist and unfortunately as a spy–a task for which he is completely unsuited apparently.

Good enough. It sounds like something I'd love! Mystery! Code breaking! Heroine with brains!

Too bad the hero was a complete ass who not only didn't deserve the heroine, he didn't deserve the French courtesan who was a double agent.

It was Chapter 12 when I started writing notes about things that irked me.

He had lost control again. He, who never lost control, a man admired for his logical demeanor, unflappable under duress. Because of his rampant jealousy, he'd acted like an idiot accusing her of playing games.

Couldn't she see he was a grown man with sincere intentions toward her?

My note: "No because you are acting like an ass"

Apparently the heroine was supposed to intuit his tender feelings from his abominable behavior, and understand that he was being a jerk because: love.

With each passing day, her fear for her brother's safety grew unrestrained.

I don't even know where to begin with THAT sentence.

De Valmont sensed him before he heard the rustle of the bushes and then the barely audible heavy breathing. He was tired of the bastard acting as if he were in charge of their mission. His title was as high as the fucking English mongrel. It was bad enough that they worked together for Talleyrand, but now they both were caught in Fouché's Machiavellian game of bringing Talleyrand down.

My comment here: UGH.

Lucien wished he had brought his pistol. He would finish it now. Fouché be damned, he would've killed the English bastard. No one spoke to Lucien De Valmont in a disrespectful manner and lived.

My comment here: (eye roll)

She knelt next to Gus. On the top of the dog's head was a swollen lump. She crawled farther under the table to assess the soft mass. "They hit you too."

My comment: Who the hell hits a dogon the head?

"I've waited a long time for this moment. I've discovered the name of Talleyrand's secret agent, Le Couteau, the knife."

My comment: Who might it be?!

(H)ow deeply hurt he was that Henrietta didn't trust him.

My comment: UGH

"Come in, Henrietta. I've been waiting for you," The Duke of Wycliffe said.

She couldn't believe a man of his position was a traitor or would kidnap her brother.

My comment: Not shocked.

Parrying the duke's thrust, Cord dodged the knife. Wycliffe lunged forward, the knife pointed at Cord's heart.

My comment: Oh look a knife fight.

The knife fight came during a rescue attempt at a kidnapping. At which there has already been much shooting, as well as yelling and posturing.

ALSO: The virgin heroine immediately thinks sex is awesome and wants to have more. Because she's not at all sore or hurting. (Mind you, all this boinking occurs just days after she was completely immobilized by bruised ribs, and during coitus the "hero" comes across her bandaged ribs, but bravely carries on.)

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Why did I finish reading? Because I was hoping against hope the mystery at least might be decent.

Spoiler: It wasn't.

My biggest regret is that this was an ebook, so I couldn't fling it across the room in rage.

Publisher: Doe Bay Publishing 

Rating: 1.25/10