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Silent Revenge (2012)

Silent Revenge (2012)

Set in an indeterminate past in London.

Simon Westland, Earl of Northcote has returned from India, his past still vivid in the minds of the ton. Even worse, he is about to lose everything, due to his father throwing away everything on gambling.

Lady Jessica Stanton is about to become a tremendously wealthy heiress. Unfortunately, her psychotic step-brother plan to take everything from her.

"There's nothing anyone can do," Jessica said, trying to calm the fears screaming deep inside her. "Colin will never give up until he has control of the money. He intends to put me in an asylum. Ira found out he's already started the proceedings."

I should have enjoyed this story: I liked the heroine and her struggle to hide her issues that would make her outcast in society. She also had lovely friends who were doing what they could to help her.

I could partially understand why Simon was such a jerk. But that got old really really quickly.

So irritated, that I actually made notes about some of the more irritating passages as I was reading, something I rarely do.

Ira Cambden made a move to go to her, but Simon stopped him with a glance. Starting today, she would learn to rely only on him.

"What?! Dick."

He really could not afford to take time out of his busy day to sit in a dressmaker's shop and pick out material, but he sure as hell wasn't about to let his wife go by herself.

That just caused some major eye rolling.

Every muscle in her body went rigid. "I'm not sure I can share you. I know you want—"

"No! I only want you! I am what I am because you have made me so. You looked beyond my hatred and vengeance and gave me your heart for safekeeping. I want nothing but to spend the rest of my life loving you."

"Not buying. Not at all."

Simon fingered the leather bag with the money. He'd give a hundred times— no, every pound he had— to get her back and not regret it.

"It's HER money!"

Vengeance against Tanhill had come with a terribly high price attached to it. Simon looked down at Jessica lying in his arms. He'd almost had to pay it.

"No. SHE almost payed it."

On top of that, her step-brother was an over-the-top villian–a total psychopath–which is FINE every once in awhile, but considering that I didn't buy the hero's falling in love with her… just no. Ugh.

Publisher: Montlake Romance   

Rating: 4/10