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Mr Warren's Profession (2017)

Mr Warren's Profession (2017)

Mr Warren's ProfessionSet in England in 1891

I almost gave up on this book.

The first dozen chapters dragged for me and I did a lot of skimming. I put the book down to do something and decided to give it one more chance to draw me in.

I did continue, but I still did some skimming.

Aubrey Warren is a clerk at Rook Mill–the clerk who actually works.

Lindsey Althorp won Rook Mill in a card game, and decides to take an interest in this new venture.

Aside from the very slow start, I had issues with consistency within the characters.

Our introduction to Aubrey is of a fussy man, who is good with numbers, bringing to mind a specific sort.

A cursory examination showed minimal damage to his trousers; the ember hadn't stayed long enough to burn, and the black wool helped disguise charcoal smears. Still, Aubrey would know the blemish existed, and the knowledge had already begun driving him mad.

We never see that view of Aubrey again in the book.

Then there is Lindsey.

For someone who read as much as he supposedly did, he is ridiculously naive. To be honest, beyond belief naive. With a sister who intuitively "knew" Lindsey's inclinations and attempted to "look out" for him by hiring attractive men whom she believed wouldn't turn to blackmail if Lindsey decided to take advantage.

Then there are Lindsey's friends.

Considering events later in the book, Miller makes the least sense, but none of them seem to have distinct and consistent personalities.

Aside from Aubrey and Lindsey, the strongest characters are Rowena (Lindsey's sister) and Emmeline (Rook's sister), both of whom I quite liked, and both of whom seemed to have more sense than Lindsey.

Then there is the final scene that leads to the resolution. The Lindsey who manages that scene appeared nowhere else in the book, and I was unable to believe he would have been convincing in the role. It was a nice thought, but he is such a naive flit for so much of the story, his turning deep and serious and convincing was just just unbelievable.

So, parts of the story were interesting, but I found too much of it too aggravating to be truly enjoyable.

Rating: 7/10