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RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny (2018)

RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny (2018)

This… is not my jam.

That doesn't mean it's not good, it's just not for me.

Dr. Sloan Copeland has been struggling to keep life together as she continues her work as a successful surgeon and as a single mother of two six-year-old twins. When her nanny quits–unexpectedly, and in the middle of the day–her friends go to work to find her a new nanny.

Rafe Whitcomb had decided that as much as he loves being a nanny, it's time to move onto something else with his life. He's just not quite sure what he wants to do. So when he gets the call that a single mother desperately needs a nanny immediately, he decides another six months of being a nanny won't hurt.

Until he met Sloan.

Then he wanted a whole lot more.

First off, I really liked Rafe. I read this passage and wondered who had been listening in to my life.

"Do you want goodnight hugs or goodnight high fives?" he asked, scoring himself even more points.

"High fives!" both girls said.

There was a round of giggles before she heard Rafe say, "Goodnight, tiny people."

Except that the current favorite of some of the small people in my life is finger boops, that's… pretty much me.

I also loved Rafe's parents, who are a delight.

"Baby, he can find his own dates," his dad chimed in.

"I know. I just like to hand pick his dates for him. It's my right as a mother. They move out, but I reserve the right to meddle in their love lives forever—until I get the right amount of grandchildren. And then I meddle in their lives."

Rafe had gotten into trouble as a teenager, mostly because he and his father were both struggling with grief after the death of his birth mother, and his father's moving them to the opposite coast of the country. But after his dad met Monica, all their lives changed, and Rafe discovered an unexpected calling: childcare. First for his new sisters and then for families who needed nannies.

And I liked Sloan, although I had a much harder time empathizing with her, mostly because I wasn't a genius child who started college when most people were starting middle school.

What didn't work for me was that this book had a lot of sex, with the two having an instant sexual attraction.

Again I want to note that isn't a bad thing per se, it just doesn't work for me, personally.

So I liked the characters, but the story just wasn't my thing.

Publisher: Rebekah Weatherspoon Presents

January 2020 | Not Rated