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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Books of 2023: Audio Books

I’ve mentioned before that I listen to audio books while I clean and exercise–wanting one more chapter keeps me walking just a little longer or cleaning one more thing. And Michael and I listen to audio books on drives (at least when the windows are up).

Also, I almost never listen to books I’ve never read. I get too involved and can’t focus on what I’m trying to do–or want to do nothing except finish the book. But when I’m trying to push through and get a task done, audio books are perfect.

It perhaps says something about this year that I’ve listened to more than 19 days worth of audio books (last year it was about 15 days). I’ve needed a lot of distraction to get through things, and audio books have been the perfect solution. Most of those books however were one’s I’d listened to before, so I could focus on what I was doing if need be, and then jump back into a familiar story when I needed a mental reprieve.

But this year wasn’t all re-listens.


Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn narrated by Angèle Masters

A Curious Beginning Perilous Undertaking A Treacherous Curse A Dangerous Collaboration A Murderous Relation

Mystery, Historical

This is the series Michael and I have been listening to in the car. Historical mysteries aren’t always Michael’s thing, but he’s been enjoying this series.

Even if he too sometimes finds Veronica annoying.

A Curious Beginning, Audio Book (2015) 8/10
A Perilous Undertaking, Audio Book (2017) 8/10
A Treacherous Curse, Audio Book (2018) 8/10
A Dangerous Collaboration, Audio Book (2019) 8/10
A Murderous Relation, Audio Book (2020) 7.5/10

Published by Recorded Books


Blitz, Audio Book (2022) by Daniel O’Malley narrated by Moira Quirk

Supernatural, Mystery, Historical

Moira Quirk narrated Stilletto, and I was curious to see how’d she do with this book.

Marvelous, of course.

As I noted when I read the book last year, the first half is a fair amount of history and world building. Fascinating, but slower paced.

The second half is a rocket, barreling through and carrying you with it.

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

Rating: 10/10

The Rook Files: The Rook (2012), Stiletto (2016), Blitz (2022)

The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club, Audio Book (2020) Richard Osman narrated by Lesley Manville


I listened to the first book, but then realized Michael would probably really enjoy this series, so once we finish the Veronica Speedwell series we’ll move onto the Thursday Murder Club series.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Lesley Manville, her voice fits the story nicely.

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Rating: 9/10

Thursday Murder Club:The Thursday Murder Club (2020) 9/10, The Man Who Died Twice (2021) 9/10, The Bullet That Missed (2022)


Swordheart, Audio Book (2018/2021) T. Kingfisher narrated by Jesse Vilinsky

Fantasy, Romance

I started listening to Swordheart as background talking. But once I reached the David Dukes narrated Spenser books I was scrambling for something to listen to and decided this would be the next listen.

I quite enjoyed it, however, Sarkis is hard to understand with any background noise.

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Rating: 8/10

Clocktaur War series by T. Kingfisher narrated by Khristine Hvam

Clockwork Boys The Wonder Engine

Clockwork Boys, Audio Book (2017/2019) 8.5/10
The Wonder Engine, Audio Book (2018/2019) 8.5/10

Fantasy, Romance

Narrated by Khristine Hvam.

Who reads Faith Hunters Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series.

It’s a bit weird, hearing this story in her voice. Mostly I don’t notice, but several secondary sound exactly like Alex Younger and that throws me every time.

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Clocktaur War: Clockwork Boys (2017), The Wonder Engine (2019)

The Books of 2023: Yearly Reading Roundup

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