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NPCs (2014) Drew Hayes (Spells, Swords, & Stealth) What happens when the haggling is done and the shops are closed? When the quest has been given, the steeds saddled, and the adventurers are off to their next encounter? They keep the world running, the food cooked, and the horses shoed, yet what adventurer has ever […]

By the Sword

By the Sword (1991) Mercedes Lackey It’s been decades since I last read this book. Partially because I haven’t been much in the mood for straight-up fantasy, partially because I didn’t have it as an ebook, and partially because I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to my memories of it. Kerowyn is the granddaughter […]


Mort (1987) Terry Pratchett After the Librarian, and the Watch, DEATH is my favorite Discworld character. “What did you do for a living?” said the thin young man behind the desk. The figure opposite him shifted uneasily. I USHERED SOULS INTO THE NEXT WORLD. I WAS THE GRAVE OF ALL HOPE. I WAS THE ULTIMATE […]

Guards! Guards!

Guards! Guards! (1989) Terry Pratchett I love Terry Pratchett, and I think I may love the Watch story arc best of all the Discworld stories. It was a five hundred mile journey and, surprisingly, quite uneventful. People who are rather more than six feet tall and nearly as broad across the shoulders often have uneventful […]

The Phoenix Guards

The Phoenix Guards (1991) Steven Brust I admit that you have to be in the mood for Phoenix Guards and this branch of Steven Brust’s writing. It would seem, therefore, that if we were to allow our readers, by virtue of being in the company of the historian, to eavesdrop on this interchange, we will […]

Rat Queens Volume 3: Demons

Rat Queens Volume 3: Demons (2016) Kurtis J. Wiebe, Tamra Bonvillain, Tess Fowler What? What? How? Man, that sure went off the rails right quick. I honestly don’t get what happened here. Last volume was good, this one started out well, then it just went, well, it went all over the place, and half of […]

Rat Queens Vol. 2: Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth

Rat Queens Vol. 2: Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth (2015) Kurtis J Wiebe, Roc Upchurch, Stjepan Sejic I am really really enjoying this comic. Even if it’s chock full of boinking and drugs. Or perhaps that’s because. Hard to tell. This story gives us glimpses of various character’s back stories and secrets, when the town […]

Rat Queens Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery

Rat Queens Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery (2013) Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch Let’s just get this out of the way: NOT FOR KIDS! TOTALLY NOT FOR KIDS! However, if you’re an adult? I LOVED it! The Rat Queens are a band of mercenaries in the town of Palisade, and many in the town are […]

Seeress of Kell

Seeress of Kell (1991) David Eddings The conclusion of the Mallorean is a lovely wrap-up, but that also makes it somewhat frustrating. All the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed and everyone who wasn’t already married and in love ends up so by the end of the book. That’s not to mean there aren’t lots […]

Sorceress of Darshiva

Sorceress of Darshiva (1989) David Eddings This isn’t particularly one of my favorite of his book, but there are still fun parts, such as their meeting with Senji. After about three hundred years of argumentation, it suddenly occurred to the disputants that Senji was not merely talented, but also appeared to be immortal. In the […]

Demon Lord of Karanda

Demon Lord of Karanda (1988) David Eddings The third book of the Mallorean finds our heroes meeting Zakath, the emperor of all Mallorea. As with Urgit, the meeting has unexpected results, and again, Garion discovers that the Anagraks are not all he was expecting. Brador cleared his throat, fought for a moment with one of […]

King of the Murgos

King of the Murgos (1998) David Eddings < The second book of the Mallorean finds Belgarion once again on the road with companions (including my favorite, Silk) but not all those who went on the first quest are allowed on this one, which causes some grief, and will come up again in later books. And […]

Guardians of the West

Guardians of the West (1987) David Eddings I’ve been sick, so I’ve been craving comfort reading, hence my re-reading of the Mallorean. This book starts with Errand, who is living in the Vale with Polgara and Durnik. Errand is a strange child, which is unsurprising giving his early upbringing. Like the previous series, there is […]

Enchanters’ End Game

Enchanters’ End Game (1984) David Eddings And the final book of the Belgariad. Here we find Garion and Belgarath and Silk in Gar og Nadrak, which is one of the most fascinating places in his world building. The Nadraks don’t much care for their god, and have a disconcerting take on women, but unlike the […]

Castle of Wizardry

Castle of Wizardry (1984) David Eddings Book four of the Belgariad finds Garion and his companions with the Orb, and needing to make their way back to safety. We discover who Garion really is, and what the future has in store for him. There are some marvelous passages in this book. Such as this bit […]

Magician’s Gambit

Magician’s Gambit (1983) David Eddings The third book of the Belgariad opens with one of my favorite “outside the story” bits, which is how the Ulgos came to worship UL. The story feels as if it could have come out of the Torah. Then Gorim brought the creatures before UL. The creatures prostrated themselves before […]

Queen of Sorcery

Queen of Sorcery (1982) David Eddings The second book of the Belgariad finds Garion and his companions traveling and following the trail of an object that his grandfather can sense, but Garion isn’t sure how. This is the book where Garion comes to terms with Belgarath and Polgara, and starts to come into his own […]

Pawn of Prophecy

Pawn of Prophecy (1982) David Eddings At one point in my life, as hard as this may be to believe, I wasn’t reading very much. College was eating my spare time (in ways that were no good for me, but that’s a long, complex and painful story that shan’t be told) and I just wasn’t […]

Five Hundred Years After

Five Hundred Years After (1994) Steven Brust Because I re-read Phoenix Guards, I had to follow it up with Five Hundred Years After But really, I’m not going to re-read any of the Vlad books until I get my copy of Dzur when it comes out in paperback in the fall. I mean it.

Phoenix Guards

Phoenix Guards (1991) Steven Brust In the mood for re-reading favorites, I just finished Phoenix Guards. Phoenix Guards is one of the books that falls into my “pretty much perfect” category.