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Hockey Hearts: The Hockey Player's Snow Day (2021) 

Hockey Hearts

The Hockey Player's Snow Day (2021)

The Hockey Players Snow DayNick is heading to his friends' place for a short vacation during the All-Star Weekend. But failing to pay attention to the weather leaves his stranded alongside the road, trudging to the nearest sign of humanity.

Shawn loves his home in the woods, and the peace that allows him to write his romance stories. But when the stranger who shows up at his door is his long-time crush (and the inspiration for one of the characters in his books) he's not sure how to react.

This is a cute story. Nick and Shawn are both well-written characters.

I think the bit that weirded me out is probably an ace thing? In the Shawn's current book series–that Nick has read and loves–Nick is the basis for one of the characters. And Shawn himself is the other.

I'll be honest, that would really freak me out if someone told me that. The idea of being (as I put it to my husband) someone's fantasy wank material is personally distressing. However, I suppose that if someone is willing to pose in their underwear, they are perhaps expecting that?

So it's a cute story, but elements of it were DEFINITELY not for me.

Published: Big Gay Media 

Rating: 6/10