Lisa Boero

Books: Historical Romance

The Richmond Thief (2017)

The Richmond Thief (2017)

Set in London in the early 1800s.

The widow Lady Althea Trent–a woman of scientific bent and interest in insects–and her sister-in-law Jane are traveling to London, so that Althea might experience London, and so she and Jane can visit with their cousins, the Levanwoods. But things are not as they appear on the surface–the Levanwoods seem to need money, and there is a thief stealing jewels from some of the best houses.

This story was… fine.

There is of course the gentleman with whom Althea spars and, of course, falls in love.

Norwich's tone of voice was so condescending that Althea immediately felt the anger well up inside her. Her mind replayed the thousand petty slights and injustices she had suffered in her seven and twenty years. Men like Norwich always thought their understanding superior to hers. It was beyond provoking!

There are also sons desperate for money who propose in an attempt to gain her money! The Ton! Mysterious goings-on!

I kept reading because I love scientific heroines who are bucking tradition. But I never was quite convinced that Althea had a scientific interest of her own.

Althea left Somerset House as if floating above the clouds. No matter the subterfuge, no matter the very evident doubt upon Lord Ephraim's face, no matter that she did not yet have a topic for her manuscript, Althea had finally found a way to achieve her heart's desire.

Yes, she enjoyed the work she did with her husband, but that was his passion, not hers.

All of which made it feel like something added on to make the heroine more interesting, rather than something for which the heroine had a passion.

I did finish the book, but I shan't be looking for a sequel, and I'm glad I only paid a dollar for this book.

Publisher: Kindle Press

Rating: 6/10