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Fake Date Flip-Flop (2021)

Fake Date Flip-Flop (2021)

FAKE DATE FLIP-FLOPNash is looking forward to his niece's wedding. He isn't looking forward to all the questions and comments about his ex. Tobias is back in town for his 30th high school reunion, but isn't looking forward to it, since he's only there to support one of his friends who is helping organize it this year.

This is fine. I like a fake-relationship story, but I was kinda disconcerted by Nash showing up with a fake date to his niece's wedding. Does he not talk to any of his family?

I also was a little weirded out by Tobias' Gruff Daddy fixation. I mean, they weren't very far apart in age, and both had gray hair. But that's probably just a tic on my part.

So aside from those two points, what were my issues with the story?

First and foremost, Lottie, Nash's niece felt a bit like a grown-up plot moppet. Running off with her soon-to-be husband to go bowling with her uncle is just an odd thing, when you'd think they'd be spending time with their bridal party, since in most cases they might not have seen their friends in months–or her cousins her own age.

My second issue was unless they specifically named or talking about their events, I had had a difficult time keeping the two separate, forgetting which POV we were seeing.

That's not to say this was a bad story, because it was fun and an enjoyable distraction, but I don't know if I'd go out of my way to read another book in this series.

Publisher : Startled Monkeys Media

Rating: 6.5/10