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Summer Makeover (2021)


Bee Cave Magic (2020)

Bee Cave Magic (2020)

Bee Cave MagicMicah is a dud.

He's 25 and never shifted, which means that he avoids his long-time crush, Rex, like the plague.

I'm a non-shifter, and he knows as well as I do that shifters and non-shifters should never date or fall in love.

Also, coming from a family of carnivore shape-shifters, he is unable to eat meat, which is just one more way he is a complete disappointment to his family. Which is why he lives in an old trailer and works at the family BBQ restaurant.

My life would be a lot simpler if I could eat meat and dairy, but they don't agree with me.

First, I love that there are a variety of shifters in this world.

Mrs. Hornblower, a pelican shifter transplant from Corpus.

I don't love the idea of fated mates, but at least the concept isn't seen as mandatory by Rex.

I also love that neither character would be found on the cover of any romance novel.

I spin around to find Rex the Hot Bear Shifter standing in the doorway, wearing his Bee Cave Honey Company T-shirt, letting his eyes freely roam all over my body.

The way his T-shirt rounds against his belly is… yeah. He's just as yummy-looking as he's always been.

My sole issue with the story was that it felt somewhat unfinished. It wasn't–the story arc was complete– but I wanted just a little bit more, to be satisfied.

Summer Makeover (2021)

Summer MakeoverThis is a cute story about returning to the real world after the pandemic.

Cal spent his pandemic hiding in his cabin, working and working out. But he has to present at a big conference, so he really needs to stop looking like a wild man.

As I make my way back up to the house, I catch my reflection in the sliding glass door and startle. Hell, is that really me? My hair, a combination of black, silver, and white, now falls past my shoulders when it's wet. I haven't shaved in over a year, so my beard comes down to the middle of my chest.

God, I look like my grandfather.

It's possible that I let things go for a little too long.

Gregory is also in town for the conference, but he's stopped into his aunt's beauty shop to help her out for the day. Since he graduated from beauty school and then worked that to pay for his engineering degree, he finds it relaxing.

Maybe it's odd that an astrophysicist would spend his weekend before a big conference doing hair, but it has always satisfied my need to create.

But what is it with this poorly dressed wild man?

March 2022 | Rating: 7/10