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Twice Baked (2019)

Twice Baked (2019)

Twice BakedLuke is a popular food blogger–known for writing about foods he hates, and how it's okay to not like goods.

Professionally, I was a graphic artist, and I had a small number of clients that I worked with. Each of the businesses had been very successful but didn't have the need for a full-time graphic artist on staff, so I fulfilled that role for them.

When he is offered a spot as a guest judge on a popular cooking show, he thinks it will just be a nice vacation.

Until his still-closeted ex shows up as the third judge.

This story did a lot of things that I really liked.

First of course, was the food. Because when don't I like to read about food?

The other thing was that Luke and Meyer quickly talk to each other and Luke doesn't pull his punches when they do.

"I am not going to tell anyone that you and I were lovers for three years. Three miserable, hiding, made-me-feel-like-a-complete-whore years." I met his gaze with steel.

And the two quickly become friends again.

And then more than friends.

The problem is that someone has started sending threatening notes to the cast and crew of the cooking show, threatening to reveal all their secrets.

But Luke doesn't have any secrets, so he doesn't understand the threat.

The weak parts of the story were primarily Luke's actions when dealing with the rest of the crew. He makes several speeches that just made me roll my eyes. Sure he was one of the hosts, but it was just a bit too much.

So: cute, and a nice escape.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 7/10