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Sweet Rose: Meet Cute Club (2020)

Sweet Rose

Meet Cute Club (2020)

Meet Cute ClubJordan Collins wants more than almost anything to keep his book club–the Meet Cute Club–going. His grandmother's book club was his inspiration, and he wants to share his love of romance with his community.

Unlike anyone normal, Jordan had opted to reread the entire eight-book series again, that way he wouldn't forget a single detail when he finally got his hands on her latest release.

(That sounds pretty normal to ME.)

Rex Bailey is back in town only to clean out and then sell his grandmother's house. She and his half-sister are the only ties he has to town, but he will do anything for his sister–even deal with their father.

As he grew older, and his father left his mother for Amy's, he grew to understand who the real problem was. It wasn't the child of an affair, but rather the man he'd once so passionately idolized.

His part time job at the book store is perfect for keeping him going while working on the house, but the cute guy buying a pile of romance books intrigues him.

The story and characters I really enjoyed. Jordan likes what he likes and will defend what he likes against all comers. Rex is far more damaged than he seems at first (and we eventually see his father really is an asshole).

I also liked the things that Jordan and Rex had to deal with in their lives (especially the way Jordan stood up to his awful employers).

The problem was almost entirely with the editing. First and foremost, character POV.

I don't mind POV switching between characters in books. What I do mind is the POV switching multiple times in a single chapter. And it's even more difficult when both characters are the same gender, so it's hard to keep track from paragraph to paragraph just who is thinking and feeling what.

So I would read another book if he gets himself a stronger editor.  

Rating: 7/10