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I'm So (Not) Over You (2022)

I'm So (Not) Over You (2022)

I'm So Not Over YouKian is totally over Hudson. Except for the part that's still completely in love with him and dreams of Hudson admitting he was wrong.

The first rule, and only rule, of getting over your ex is not to answer your ex's messages. This can be done in many different ways, depending on the person. One, change his contact to read: DO NOT ANSWER.

Here's my problem with library books: I am often not in the mood for a book at one point, but if I pick it up later it pulls me right in. But with library books, if it's a popular book that has a waitlist I have to read it Right Now, and I can't dawdle, because someone else is waiting for me to finish so they can have their turn.

I've actually DNFed a couple books this way (including Let's Talk About Love, which I should have immediately been into) but since I'm So (Not) Over You was a new release and lots of people loved it, I pressed on.

I shouldn't have.

I felt pressured to finish it quickly, but wasn't into it, so… I didn't really enjoy it. And I don't have a reason for that, besides it wasn't what I was in the mood for.

Which is aggravating, because there was a lot I should have been into.

Maybe it's an interview request? Maybe my pitch on the lack of education programs in Appalachia and how it's setting students back several grade levels that I spent all last week making really did impress them, and they are going to offer me a position sight unseen.

I mean!

She places one set on a rack close to Hudson and the second set closer to me. "Let me know if these suit you."

"I'm sure they are great," Hudson says without looking up from his phone.

Isabella narrows her eyes and struts over. Before Hudson can look up, she snatches the phone from him, holding it out of reach. And out of reach for Isabella truly means out of reach. I don't think I've ever seen a woman as tall as her.

"When you talk to me, or any service worker, you look at them," she scolds.

So what was my problem?

First, I tend to dislike billionaire stories. There is something about the uber-wealthy that turns me off. (Possibly because so many of them are flaming assholes, I have a hard time accepting they all aren't.)

Second, it wasn't clear just why Hudson broke up with Kian, which made it difficult for me to decide whether Kian should be getting back together with him or not.

To be honest, I'm still not sure why they broke up in the first place, which made it hard to see if they really belong together.

And the dinner with Hudson's family? That was, like, one of my worst nightmares. I would probably have changed my name and moved after that, not agreed to continue the charade.

So, another reminder not to try and force myself to read books if I'm not into them: I do a disservice to myself and the book.

Publisher: Berkley

Rating: 7/10