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Eight Tiny Flames (2018)

Eight Tiny Flames (2018)

Eight Tiny FlamesSet in Belgium in 1944.

Lt. Ruth Mencher is a nurse in the 64th Evacuation unit. Like many of the other nurses in the unit, she’s had a bit of a crush on Capt. Joseph Klein. Unlike the other nurses, she has a plan to see if she can befriend the doctor.

Ruth wears her Star of David openly, even though they are close to the German front lines. Joe has not told anyone he is Jewish–mostly because growing up in Texas didn’t make it easy, so he got out of the habit of bringing it up. And he is certainly not going to make a point of it with the Nazis so close.

But it’s Hanukkah and Ruth wants to celebrate.

Like a lot of romance short stories, I would have liked it better without the boinking. Mostly because I wanted more time for them to develop their relationship–especially as they were putting both their careers in danger by meeting privately.

Obviously they had a great deal of respect for each other, from their work together in the hospital, but (for me at least) the physical part of their relationship felt rushed, especially considering (as I mentioned) the risks they were taking fraternizing.

But again, that may have more to do with me than with the story, so YMMV.

Publisher: Midnight Cat Press

Rating: 6/10