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The Ladies of Lantern Street: The Mystery Woman (2013)

The Ladies of Lantern Street

The Mystery Woman (2013)

The-Mystery-WomanBeatrice Lockwood fled the Academy of the Occult after the death of her mentor, Roland Fleming. She now is employed as an agent by Flint & Marsh.

Joshua Gage had been an agent for the Crown, before his injury in the line of duty, and he doesn't believe in the psychical. But when his sister is threatened, he goes looking for Beatrice Lockwood.

It's not stated when this was set, but perhaps mid to late 1800s.

This is a perfectly adequate story. The mystery was interesting, although not compelling.

I picked this up on sale, and it was good for a sale price, but I'm not sure how pleased I'd have been if I'd paid the full price for this–and I'm not willing to pay the full price for the other books in this series.

We'll see if they ever go on sale as to whether I read any more. 

Published by Jove  

Rating: 6/10