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A Study in Seduction (2012)

A Study in Seduction (2012)

A-Study-in-SeductionI picked this up 1) because it was on sale and 2) because the heroine is a genius mathematician. I really liked the idea of a female mathematical genius, so I decided I'd try it.

There was boinking, which, you know, not my thing. And I saw the Big Reveal coming from quite a way off, but that didn't really lessen the big reveal and the consequences.

I especially liked the way the two characters ended up dealing with the consequences of their problems. Both have problems with how their are viewed (or could be viewed) by society, so I thought the resolution was a good choice.

There was also fun banter, which is almost a requirement for me to enjoy a romance, since it has to make up for all the boinking.

"Add ten, plus the number denoting the hand bearing the ring." 

"Do you require pencil and paper?" Talia asked her father in a sweet tone. 

"Only to extract you from my will," the earl retorted.

I can't say I'm interested in seeking out other books by this author, but I did very much enjoy the premise of this book.

Published by Forever

Rating: 7/10