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True-Blue: Let Me Show You (2019)


Let Me Show You (2019)

Let Me Show YouCarter Falon inherited his grandfather's house and decided to uproot himself to the Kirkby.

Unfortunately, the house needs a lot of work.

In my haste to get myself together and then answer the door, the dodgy floorboard didn't even register until my foot slammed through it, snagging my ankle and bringing me to my knees.

I yelled as I fell, and cursed. Wincing, I looked at my predicament, trying to yank my foot out as I did so.

Tanner hadn't wanted to move to Kirkby, but when Davis became a single father, Tanner uprooted everything to help.

I'd known that Davis needed family, and it just so happened that I was it. While we weren't technically brothers, Davis had been my best friend since we were four and we were as close as brothers could be. We'd been through everything together, so with this new twist in his life, there was no way I would abandon him. We were the only family we had left, along with the recent addition of my niece.

It's cute, and although there is no little angst between the two, there is some pretty significant bullying which I wasn't particularly prepared for. (Having been bullied at work myself, this wasn't especially comfortable reading.)

But the romance was adorable, and Libby (the baby) was actually a baby and Tanner is a good uncle.

Publisher: Rainbow Tree Publishing

Rating: 7/10