Kasey Stockton

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Love for the Spinster (2019)

Love for the Spinster (2019)

Set in England during the Regency period

Freya's life changed dramatically when it was discovered that her mother was her father's second wife–and his first wife was still alive.

(M)y father had nailed the coffin closed on any chance of a reputable match when his marriage to my mother was revealed to be invalid, as he had already been married to a woman in France a few years prior. The secret family in his life turned out to be mine, and my mother and I had born the brunt of his poor choices ever since.

She has been living with Aunt Georgenia as a companion of sorts, but as she was an aunt in name only, Freya needs to move on, and the house she inherited from her grandmother seems to be just the place.

Mr. Daniel Bryce is steward for Freya's house, and they have been writing back and forth and enjoying each other's letters, but now that Freya has arrived at her home, she finds him to be nothing like she expected.

This is a perfectly serviceable historical novel, and surprisingly well-written and edited for a self-published book. I wouldn't go out of my way to pay a significant amount for another book by this author, but it wasn't bad, and in fact was a pleasant escape.

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Rating: 6.5/10