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Teachers in Love: Teacher of the Year (2023)

Teachers in Love

Teacher of the Year (2023)

Teacher of the YearMarvin has ADHD and anxiety

I keep nursing my drink, which is already three-quarters gone, and try to ignore her mounting energy. Sometimes Jill getting revved up triggers my anxiety, and right now, I'm about to tip.

And is also up for Teacher of the Year, an award he wants to win not for himself as much as the extra finding it would help bring to his school. So he has a lot to focus on. Except that he returns from winter break with a new student–a new student with a very attractive and single father.

Things I really liked about this story: Marvin

Being present, truly present, is a requirement of working with small children.

Olan, Illona, the kids in his kindergarten class.

On Wednesday, at snack time, Zoe puts a raspberry on the tip of each of her fingers and tries to open her milk with "raspberry fingers."

The ace rep–even if it isn't stated as such.

sex without a relationship isn't for me.

The mental health rep.

I can't promise anything either, but I won't run away again. I won't. I'm going to start therapy.

What didn't work for me were the hiccups in the relationship and how the Big Misunderstanding is resolved. The resolution was obvious, and the bits that were supposed to ramp up the excitement felt forced or that they shouldn't have happened in the first place, considering.

Also, I feel like Marvin needed to do WAY more grovelling.

August 2023 | Rating: 6.5/10