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Kitty (1979)

Kitty (1979) Marion Chesney / M. C. Beaton

kittyAnymore, Kitty just wants to be warm. But her mother wants her to make a good marriage, to move the family socially upward, and is willing to do almost anything to achieve that marriage.

There's also a mystery–after Kitty becomes a very rich heiress, it appears someone is trying to kill her.

The mystery was interesting. The romance? I didn't see what Kitty saw in Lord Chesworth, at either the first glance or after she gets to know him.

Mostly what I hated, however, was the terrible bullying. I don't know if it was period correct. It probably was. But it was miserable.

I also wasn't sure I believed Kitty's transformation. She made a relatively quick turn from meek and bullied wallflower to Lady, and despite her mentor, it just seemed awfully fast.

And I suppose that was the problem with the book–it didn't draw me in enough to keep me from wondering about these inconsistencies, and I didn't care for Kitty enough to worry when she was in danger.

The mystery was probably kept me reading, so there is that.

Published by Rosetta Books

Rating: 5/10